Just published: Two Mills – One Story

After the two successful book launches in Aarau and Bözen, my book is now available in stores:

“Two Mills – One Story” or how the Bözen mill found its way to Aarau

Focal points of the book

  • The Bözen mill and its path to Aarau
  • The castle mill in Aarau – from open-air museum to spice, mustard and grain mill
  • The historical role of grain cultivation in the upper Fricktal
  • Five hundred years of miller families and their stories

Impressions of the Aarau book launch – May 31st 2024

Impressions of the Bözen book launch – June 6th 2024

Ordering Information

© 2024
Zwei Mühlen – eine Geschichte
Walter Amsler
ISBN: 978-3-907424-18-6
CHF 49.—

order online: “Two mills – one story

Title page "Two Mills - one story"
Title page “Two Mills – one story”

The mill in Bözen

The Mill in Bözen (Foto: Patrik Walde)
The Mill in Bözen (Foto: Patrik Walde)

The Bözen mill was first mentioned around 1300. Grain cultivation has always been of great importance, as grain is considered a staple food. The mills and millers therefore had a special position in the population, especially during the centuries of Bernese rule.

The author Walter Amsler tells the story of the Bözen mill, its owners and their living conditions. He sheds light on the cultivation of grain in the village and the burden of paying taxes to the authorities. Depictions of harvest yields and disputes with the authorities provide an insight into village conditions at the time. Revealing details from the lives of the millers and their family histories complete the richly illustrated book. Surprising secrets of the time-honored mill building also come to light.

The historic grinder and water wheel were moved to Aarau during the construction of the highway connection Basel and Zurich. They are now part of the Aarau Castle Mill, which was built in 1976 as a living monument to the miller’s craft.

The castle mill in Aarau

The Castle Mill in Aarau
The Castle Mill in Aarau (Foto: Patrik Walde)

Today, the Aarau Castle Mill not only serves as an open-air museum, but also as a commercial space. The company Chalira GmbH operates its spice, mustard and grain mill in the building. In recent years, the mill facilities have been professionally renovated and, following the remodeling in 2020, the building is one of the jewels of the town of Aarau.

Guided tours, demonstrations of the historic flower mill and events bring the castle mill to life, and the cozy miller’s parlor is actively used for events such as workshops, drinks receptions and meals.

Impressions from the book launch in Aarau – May 31st, 2024

Further information on the book contents can be found here.

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