Have you ever wondered about your family history and your ancestors? Where did they come from? Why did they leave their home to look for a better life elsewhere? Are you keen to discover family secrets and resolve mysteries?

This site may help you shed some light on these questions by giving you information, ideas and inspirations. Although my primary focus is on my own family, my posts provide you with useful tips and insights on how to discover the past. If you are interested in any of these topics, this site may help you to learn more:

  • The Amsler family name
  • Genealogy of Swiss families
  • Emigration from Switzerland
  • Research of family registers in Switzerland
  • Trace families from Bözen, Effingen and Elfingen in Canton Aargau
Portrait Walter Amsler

As a retired IT expert I have rediscovered my passion for genealogy which started more than 30 years ago. That is when I started my genealogical research by collecting basic data from the birth- death- and marriage-records of my hometown Boezen in Canton Aargau, Switzerland.  My first family tree was printed with an HP Plotter. With having modern tools and many more resources available now, my research has progressed and expanded substantially.

The objective of this website is to document my findings and make them available to anyone interested in genealogy and local history. Please feel free to contact me:


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