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My name is Walter Amsler, am based in Switzerland and researching the Amsler family history. The aim of this website is to document and present research on the origins of the Amsler family. The focus is on my hometown Boezen, a parish which also includes Elfingen and Effingen. These three villages are located in Fricktal, Canton Aargau, exactly halfway between Basel and Zurich and characterized by beautiful landscapes. These are illustrated by the fotos on my homepage, courtesy of Patrik Walde.

The first known record of the Amsler family name is taken from the Citizen Registry of the City of Berne in 1435. Since then the name has spread all over the globe and it is reasonable to assume that the origin of most of the Amsler’s living today is Switzerland.

Historians and Genealogists are close relatives, even brothers. Many historians are working on genealogical themes and on the other hand genealogists research past centuries when they construct family trees. Many genealogists do not simply stop at collecting basic data, but also attempt to gain insights into the lives of their ancestors. They want to find out about their personalities and bring out details of their existences hundreds of years ago. In our community and state archives we find historic documents other than family registers which reveal unknown aspects about the lives of our forefathers.

The objective of this site is to document my findings and make them available to anyone who shares this passion and is researching their ancestors from this part of Switzerland.

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